Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Shortest blog post ever

That awkward moment... when you realize your blog title makes no sense.


  1. Because, you know... you can't really dig *out* of a hole. I'm told that just makes it worse. Whoopsy daisy!

  2. Open call for alternative blog titles!

    "Levitating out of the hole"
    "Constructing a toy helicopter while in a hole and hanging onto it in order to fly out of said hole" (Has a ring to it!)
    "Hollering 'Help!' until a professional rescue squad lowers a ladder and pulls you out of the hole"
    "Waiting until it rains *a lot* and floating out of the hole, perhaps while on an inflatable lounger, and sipping a drink with an umbrella in it (that no one knows how you got while you were down there)"

  3. Slowly dropping stones into the hole so that one day I may simply step out, knowing that the hole no longer exists, but the rock pile does.